The competitors do not have to attend all the races of the series.
The total ranking is calculated from individual events - always just the main classic race - (black rubber wheels with a diameter 7-8 cm number 2 or 3, wheels no. 1 are not allowed!). The ranking is determined by the sum of points obtained in all completed races. A condition for inclusion in the overall standings of the series is participating in the final race - Silvini Skiroll (c)up Ještěd. After this last race the overall results of the series will be announced and awards and prize money will be give out. Register for individual races always at the organizer (for more information on individual races).
  • All races are at your own risk
  • All contestants are required to follow traffic rules.
  • A helmet and goggles are mandatory. 
  • Competitors must pass all controls and observe the race course (several secret controls will be placed along the route).


The points from all completed races will be included into overall ranking.
The first 30 men and 30 women always score. A prerequisite for crediting points is to reach max. 50% worse time than the best man or woman. In case of equal points, the best result from individual races will decide the overall ranking.
Ranking Points Ranking Points Ranking Points
1 200 11 100 21 50
2 180 12 95 22 45
3 160 13 90 23 40
4 150 14 85 24 35
5 140 15 80 25 30
6 130 16 75 26 25
7 120 17 70 27 20
8 115 18 65 28 15
9 110 19 60 29 10
10 105 20 55 30 5

Team competition

Competitors can take part in a team competition as well. Teams may consist of a minimum of two and a maximum of ten participants. The ratio of men and women is not established. The team must be properly registered 10 days before the start of the first race of the series. Later registration of teams between races is not possible. It is also forbidden during the season to switch between teams. For logging in the team competition use email We will send you detailed instructions.
Racers registered for the team will score points in both - in the individual race and in the team competition as well. Competitors do not have to attend all the races of the series. In each race only three men and two women from one team can gain points. The winner is the team with the highest amount of points from all the races of the series. In case of equality of points, the order of best performance of individual competitors will decide. 
For inclusion in the overall team standings at least two competitors of the team must participate in the final race - Silvini Skiroll (c)up Ještěd. After this last race overall results will be announced and prizes and prize money will be distrubuted.


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