Silvini Skiroll Classics in 2016

The successful series of races on roller skis continues in 2016! This year 10 races are planned - two more than last year. Whole series will culminate in finals at Ještěd at the end of September. This race will be again the Roller Ski Championship of the Czech Republic. Like last year, racers do not need to attend all the races, the points from individual parts of the series will be summed up. The team competition will also continue unchanged. A character of individual races has changed a bit. Some races will lengthen significantly, do not expect only the ride up the hill, flat courses are included too. 
The races take place during weekend blocks - the goal is to learn more about particular regions under the motto "the whole family goes for sport" - you can get a new experience and fun without another large travelling. We are going to start in Moravia around Velké Karlovice where two races realize - one longer and flat on cycling path from Vsetin and other one real climb to Pustevny. Then the series continues by a weekend in Jeseníky Mtns.- there is an ascent race up to Praděd Mtn. and the following day a beautiful slope up race to large hydro power pumped storage plant Dlouhé Stráně. The third weekend we are going to spend in Orlické Mountains where two races up to Šerlich are planned. Another part is going to happen in Krkonoše Mountains where we have a new real mountain climb from Jánské Lázně to Černá hora and the next day we are going to compete on course from Špindlerův Mlýn to Špindlerovka. The series is crowned by a grand finale in Liberec region - first longer flat race around Kristýna lake and the following day all roller ski racers go up to Ještěd Mountain (from Janův Důl) as a part of Roller Ski Championship of the Czech Republic!
Note into your calendar down the following dates:
1. Velké Karlovice - July 2, 2016
2. Pustevny - July 3, 2016
3. Praděd Mtn. - August 6, 2016
4. Dlouhé Stráně - August 7, 2016
5. Šerlich I. - August 20, 2016
6. Šerlich II. - August 21, 2016
7. Černá hora - September 10, 2016
8. Špindlerovka - September 11, 2016
9. Kristýna - September 24, 2016
10. Grand Finale at Ještěd + National Roller Ski Championship - September 25, 2016
All races are always in classic technique. The entire series is designed for professionals like Stanislav Řezáč, Lukáš Bauer, Jiří Ročárek or Klára Moravcová and as well as for hobby racers and complete amateurs. For beginners we have special courses of technique on roller skis and an opportunity to test different models before purchase. Locations for the race course have been selected to ensure a great experience for the riders and for the fans and families of athletes. Anyone who manages to finish all the races gets a degree of Skiroll Master and with it a 50% discount for entry to BoBoloppet - 90-km cross-country ski race in Jizerské Mtns. 
We look forward to seeing you and believe we meet in large numbers in each race!