3nd year - 29. 9. 2017

Organiser: Silvini Madshus team (

Start: 13:00 mass start in Lidická street (Hrádek nad Nisou) - map below, starting groups -Elite - 15 men a 5 women selected by organizer, 1st wave - racers till 20th place in overall standing of Silvini Skiroll Classics, 2nd wave - others !!! entry to start coridor at 12:50!!!

Speed premium: at 15th km (after 3 laps) - Enervit speed premium for 1st man + woman

Finish: Lidická street - till 15:45 - time limit


Race length: 30 km (6x 5 km) classic style, track is not marked, but almost whole lap around Kristýna lake is on cycling path with start/finish in Lidická street, see the map below or here:

Registration: on-line form (see below) until 20.09.2016, after this date only at start

Payment of starting fee: bank transfer: ac. no. 7508046001/5500 during 10 days after on-line registration.

Starting fee: till 31.08. - 200 Kč - till 20.09. - 300 Kč - at start - 400 Kč.

Maximal number of racers: 300 !!! (application at start possible, but only till maximal limit)

Presentation: 11:30 - 12:45 at start in Lidická street

Categories: main race - classic (black rollers of diam. 7-8 cm) - junior men, junior women, men, women, masters - men above 50
Ceremony: after the race, at 16:00 at the latest.
Conditions: every racer starts at own risk and will behave in correct way. Secret controls at the track. Traffic rules need to be followed, riding only on right side of the road. The helmet is mandatory.
Refreshing: Enervit sports drink at each lap, tea and biscuits at finish

Prizes: 1st three in each category (in main men category 1st five), 1st at speed premium at 15 km.

Parking: at start in Lidická street

Silvini Skiroll Classics 2016: the race is a part of Silvini Skiroll Classics series
Training:     Silvini Madshus team organises one week before the race the roller-ski training camp in excellent area of Hamr na Jezeře. The main content is classic technique training, skilfulness, games and double polling. More info:
Afterparty: for all volunteers and racers on sunday in Jablonec nad Nisou starting at 19:00 at Pizza Speed (as every year), so don't hesistate and take part
Pořadatel si vyhrazuje právo na změnu, kterou oznámí nejpozději do 20:00 den před startem  na webu závodu nebo 15 min před startem pomocí hlasatele v prostoru startu.

Start list: Kristýna 2016 (updated 1.7.2016)

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